My Little Brownies

Caleb and Samaria are so much fun! We have a blast together!

Jeff takes the kids out every other week for "Daddy Dates." Sometimes its the park to play or the Carousel, and most often ends w/ a trip to Jamba Juice. Caleb is addicted to wrestling right now, so all he wants to do w/ Daddy is wrestle!

Samaria adores her Daddy and her time w/ him is full of laughter, hugs and kisses.

This is how we say goodbye to Daddy in the mornings, the kids love waving and saying "Drive Fast" as he leaves for work.

One of my favorite things about Caleb and Samaria is that they LOVE and ADORE each other! Don't get me wrong, they are siblings and w/ that comes conflict. But, for the most part, they have a blast together, playing Cars, house, reading, chasing, and they even cuddle when they watch movies together. Caleb's job is to protect his sisi, and Sam's job is to love buddy. They both take those roles to heart.

Caleb is constantly on the move, he lives every moment to the fullest. He takes his time in getting to know people and observe situations before he jumps into things. (like his Daddy) But, once he feels safe and loved he jumps in full force! He loves to pray and I believe is gifted and called to a life as a prayer warrior!

This pic was taken in our old house, the kids called for me and were hiding in this cupboard, when I opened the door they both screamed and laughed...they love to "hide and seek."

Sam loves clothes, but ONLY if they are not too tight! She loves big, hurts big and thrives being around people. (like her Mommy) Sam is thoughtful and kind, thinking of others is natural for her. She has a servants hearts and sees things that most 2 1/2 year olds don't see; relationally and spiritually!