some thoughts from six years of marriage

On May 24th, our relationship took a new turn. Five years have turned into six. We're on the downward slope to ten years (that came out wrong...by downward I mean we're over the other side of the hill, not downward like it's going to suck from here on out). So I thought that in my infinitely dwindling wisdom, I would ramble on about a couple of points of advice. And if any of you want to have as successful a marriage, as I've had, you will read this with while watching the NBA playoffs.

Never stop dating your wife. Of course you leave that stage behind and say "I do" to a whole new level of relationship, but mark my words. You will have a "come to Jesus" meeting called by your wife if you never buy her flowers or write songs or stroke her hair...all the things that you used to do. Keep doing them.

Stay close to family when you have kids. Never, ever, ever leave them. I don't care if your hometown has been moved to #1 on the terrorist hit list, you stay in the same town as your parents. Five WORDS..."free babysitting".

Never leave in the morning for work before the MRS. gets a good look at your outfit. You may think you are the hottest thing in the office, but it's her opinion that counts. You are a reflection of her, and apparently wearing plaids w/ stripes doesn't paint your wife in a good light.

Fight Naked. No commentary needed. If you start a fight, just start undressing too. Soon the fight becomes secondary.

Pray at night together. I don't care if you're fighting, PRAY together. Kara and I started this early on, and it has revolutionized our relationship. Don't get me wrong, there have been nights where we were so tired that we didn't get past "Lord, thank you for to-". But we have benefited so much from this time together at night. Even better after you've experienced NUMBER FOUR (see above).

Don't ever start a game of Monopoly. This is probably good advice for any relationship. It never ends well.

Show your kids you love each other. Let them see you kiss or hug or snuggle. It'll make 'em giggle at first, but they'll eventually understand.

Laugh a lot. Laugh at life. Laugh at each other. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at the little things.

Don't say you're in the checkout line at Target and are almost home when you've actually just parked the car. For some reason, this has come back to bite me. So word to the wise.

Get rid of the TV. We've done this twice since we've been married, and it's awesome (except for sports and HGTV). Maybe you do it for a couple months. See what happens. I dare you to try it. Double dog dare. Triple dog dare. You know what that means? You have to do it now. Let me know how it turns out.


too funny

I wish I was joking about this.
It's called a "goateesaver".
Perfect for my youth pastor friends - and Matt Miller.


trip to silver creek falls

Now that we have been here in Salem for over a year, we figured it was time to start spreading our wings and discovering the great outdoors. We've been told to go check out Silver Creek Falls, which is actually a gorgeous spot east of Salem where out of the overgrowth flows numerous gorgeous waterfalls. There's a trail that you can take which will let you see all of the waterfalls in one 5 mile loop. But dogs aren't allowed on the trail. And we brought Ally (our lab). So like good Christians, we obeyed the law. But like bad Christians, we had negative attitudes directed at the law.

Caleb would have thrown every rock into the river if we had the time.
This was his reaction after the rock splashed EVERY time.

kara and kids go to redding

As with all of her trips, they brought back some great pics to share.

PILE ON!!! Mattie and Chesnie Miller pose with Caleb
while Sam hangs on for dear life.

Sam and Tate (our nephew).

Don't know if any of you heard, but Sam fell of the changing table
last Monday morning. After she wouldn't stop crying,
we rushed to the E.R. where the Xrays came back normal,
but we were told to watch her closely.
So...one of the main reasons for the trip was so that Kara could take Sam to see
our favorite chiropractor Lydia. Sam loves this part of the treatment.

Sam's doing much better, by the way.

Even Tutu (Kara's mom) got in on the action.
She came up from Nevada and joined Kara and the kids
for some quality time.

cue Michael W. Smith track
"and friends are friends forever..."