kara and kids go to redding

As with all of her trips, they brought back some great pics to share.

PILE ON!!! Mattie and Chesnie Miller pose with Caleb
while Sam hangs on for dear life.

Sam and Tate (our nephew).

Don't know if any of you heard, but Sam fell of the changing table
last Monday morning. After she wouldn't stop crying,
we rushed to the E.R. where the Xrays came back normal,
but we were told to watch her closely.
So...one of the main reasons for the trip was so that Kara could take Sam to see
our favorite chiropractor Lydia. Sam loves this part of the treatment.

Sam's doing much better, by the way.

Even Tutu (Kara's mom) got in on the action.
She came up from Nevada and joined Kara and the kids
for some quality time.

cue Michael W. Smith track
"and friends are friends forever..."

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  1. Yes, curly haired friends are friends forever, thanks Brownie! Love the pics and love that you loaned us your wife and kids. Oh and love you too!