don't read this and drink milk at the same time

So I have to share two pictures with you that are proof that Caleb's personality is popping out to say hello every now and again.

Kara and I check on the kids while they're sleeping every night before we turn in ourselves. The other night, we observed our kid in the following position (and we almost woke him up with our laughter, and the flash from the camera).

For those of you familiar with the Pacific Northwest, it is rare to see the sun during the winter months and sometimes even as late as April. We were blessed with a gorgeous day today. 77 degrees. Sunny. Not a cloud in the sky.

So we decided to go outside and play after Caleb's nap. We told him to go get his shoes (which he loves to do, cuz he's a big boy), and he did. He also brought with him his rain coat. At first I was confused, but then realized the pure genius oozing from his ears. It made total sense to grab his rain coat in order to go outside, cuz for the past few months it had rained, and he got in the routine of putting on his rain gear before going outside.

So this is pic #2. Personality, folks...personality.


  1. What a kid! (Nice raincoat, Caleb)

  2. I'm not anonymous, I'm Tutu

  3. And we wonder where he gets all that personality? I mean really, his parents aren't really lacking in that area. I think you all might be competing soon for whose is the biggest!