oh the fun we've had

Here are some pics to catch you up on what's been happening in the Brown family.

Kara and I were invited to go on a wine tasting trip
to 2 wineries west of Salem.
Very informative. Very filling.

Kara is posing with Christie and Molly
in the wine tasting room at Chateau Blanc.
We're still not sure if anybody actually buys these hats,
but they make great photo opportunities.

Some friends/co-workers at Salem Alliance Church
wanted to get rid of this play structure
and we decided that our home was perfect for it.

As soon as Caleb saw it, he giggled
and ran to it shouting "Whee!".
Translation: Push me on the Swing Now.

Tutu & Papi came for a visit
and we celebrate an early 2nd birthday for Caleb.

Among the presents from Tutu & Papi
were charms for Caleb's Crocs.

Before we headed down to Redding,
we stopped by Logan & Erica Martin's house
to check out our their newest addition - Elias Reid Martin.

Photo time with Papa & Gama.

Cousin time.

Sam got her first taste of solid baby food.
She soon became more preoccupied with the orange spoon.

Sam & Tate.

We got to hang out with family - and catch a flick.
"Up" in 3D. Check out our sweet shades.

No trip to Redding is complete unless we stop by the Millers.

Even Caleb got in on some pool time.

Our good friends, the Wildauers, had us over for dinner
on our last night in Redding.
Any guesses what we had for dinner?

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  1. um, did you have eggplant parmesan? JK Looks like you had another great time in Redding. Yeah!