chuckling parents (episode 1)

I wanted a way to document all the funny things that our kids do from day to day. I'm usually good about recalling the major things, but I'm learning that sometimes the most hilarious things can occur right underneath your radar. So I've started a "chuckling parents" string of posts that you can enjoy.

I came home early today because I have a "work night" at the church tonight that I have to return for. Caleb is always excited when Daddy comes home early. I swear one of these days his head will explode from over-excitement. As Kara and I were sitting in our bedroom chatting, Caleb yelled out a phrase of completely incomprehensible gibberish. But he said it in a tone of voice that communicated that he knew what he was saying. Kara and I exchanged a confused look, and then ask him to repeat himself. He proceeded to say the exact same gibberish as before, but this time slower and more pronounced, as if that might help our comprehension.

It didn't.

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