Last Sunday, Kara went to pick Sam up from the church nursery.

Her eyes were red from crying.

"Why?", you ask.

Cuz she's a Binkie-Stealer! That's why. She steals other baby's binkies (a.k.a. "pacifiers").

Nobody likes it when their binkie gets rudely pulled from their mouths. So the victim in this case thought a fair retaliation was to BITE Sam's hand.

I feel no pity for my daughter. The punishment fit the crime. I would have bitten her hand too.

Call me cold. Call me shallow. But do NOT call me a "Binkie-Stealer".


  1. When Sam wants something Sam get it. I guess we can be proud that she wasn't afraid to go for it. Hopefully she learned her lesson. Oh, and great photo shopping Brownie!

  2. Samaria! I'm shocked at you. Ok, not really, but I am sad for your little hand. Next time come see Erica and she will show you pity and hand kisses! Thanks for the laugh, Brown Sound. That pic is great!