thoughts from mr. mom

Kara had the opportunity to spend the weekend with Estrogen (women's retreat).

So I took the role of Michael Keaton and braved life without the one who knows what they are doing.

Don't worry. The kids are alive. They're fed. Diapers are clean...enough.

But I thought I'd process a bit and give you some of my thoughts post OPERATION DON'T LOSE THE KIDS.

1. My wife is a rock star. She does this 7 days a week. Sometimes with no break. And I rarely hear her complain about it. She just does it. Not only that, but she maintains her hotness along the way.

2. Props to all you single parents out there. I will never be so bold as to say "I understand how you feel now". But I've taste-tested your lives for 2 1/2 days. And you are heroes.

3. Don't buy your kids toys, buy them tupperware. Sam has toys. She really does. But even as I type, she is in the kitchen swimming through our tupperware collection like Scrooge McDuck in his vault of money. Meanwhile I'm updating our blog as I sip imaginary tea from her pink tea set. I hate tea.

4. Please read thought #1 again.

5. They should include dad training in Le Mas classes.
Just a thought. Let's prepare Dads a bit more for weekends without mom. Viva la revolucion!

6. I'm going to design a binkie with gps tracking. I had 4 when we started this party. Now, we're down to one. Good thing Mom's coming home today.

7. I love my kids. They are becoming persons more and more every day. The way Sam cuddles just to cuddle. The way Caleb laughs at the funny parts of Charlotte's Web. They're growing up. Though sometimes that is a negative in the eyes of parents, today I cheer "grow on little ones!".

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