Catching Up...

I realized at the beginning of February that keeping a blog up-to-date is difficult.

Especially when life throws you curve balls. Especially when you are personally going through times of self-examination. Especially when you realize that you are still, after all these years, wrestling with deep-seeded issues and false ideas about who you are and who God is (which are closely related, by the way).

Someday, when you are older, I will tell you what I've personally gone through in the past 2 months.

Today, here's what's new in the Brown clan.

Caleb and Sam eat! A lot! They eat more than our youth group ever did on pizza night. I think Caleb's record of 5 bowls of cereal was crushed by his younger sister when she downed 6. I'm not kidding. Our food budget has had to expand because of these 2.

Kara is heavily involved in the high school at Salem Alliance Church. In February, she offered for her and I to speak three weeks in a row on the subject of relationships and love. We had a blast! Last week, she was asked to speak at the Hearts at Home group that meets on Thursday mornings. Having received a degree in ministry and serving in full-time ministry for many years, she has been aching to get back into her "sweet spot". After she spoke, ladies were ranting about how they were challenged and I got to be the proud husband.

I'm starting my ordination process this week. Ordination = Three years, three mentors, 16 books, 5 papers, and an intense interview process. Here I go!

Thanks for caring about the Brown family.

We're serious about having fun.

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  1. Brownski,

    I am afraid you underestimate the ordination process. It's far worse than you imagine. But Jess and I finished ours in Nov '08, so I suppose anything is possible. Lots of love, and good luck...you're gonna need it!

    Jeff Davies

    P.S. You'll do fine.