to blog or not?

So as you can see it's been a while since I've visited my own blog.
Not really sure why.
Just kinda happened that way.

Kinda like when you realize you haven't talked to a good friend and it's 3 months down the road and you have no idea how time went by so fast, but you feel really bad and you'd rather avoid the situation than call.

Yeah, it's like that.
How ya been?
We've been good.

Here's the reader's digest version of the past month or two.

Spent my mom's birthday in Redding with the Brown fam.
Had a pillow fight with Caleb and sent him face first into the shoe rack.
I won.
Ok, the shoe rack won.
Paid off our kids medical bills with our tax refund.
THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, we are free at last.
Bought bikes for Kara, Caleb, & I with some of the tax refund.
Caleb calls it his "big boy bike". I call mine the same.
Sam doesn't say "thank you".
She sings it.
We began planting our garden.
Or as the kids call it, "the sandbox".
Kara's mom and sister came up for Mother's Day and gave Kara and I a night away at the Edgefield Hotel.
We celebrated Mother's Day and our 7 year anniversary (May 24).
My oldest sister gave birth to her fourth child...her FIRST GIRL!

You all caught up?


  1. My hubby and I recently went to Edgefield! Love it there! Especially love the Little Red Shed.

  2. Thank you because I have been feeling rejected every time I check and see, "What did you do this weekend" (from the last post.) :)

  3. That's not Reader's Digest, that's Cliff Notes. :-) Edgefield is AWESOME! When we lived in Portland, that was one of our favorite hang outs... Glad you enjoyed it! (Happy anniversary!)

  4. I feel so privileged to have been mentioned on your blog! I'm pretty excited too :) Can't wait for you to meet her this summer.