Priceless gift from Tutu

A while back my husband did a post about his parents (whom I love and am so grateful for); so today I am going to do a post about my mom.

She is an amazing woman, (was) a single mom,(married to a great guy who adores her) full time working, always giving, never asking, truly selfless, hospitable beyond words, a family for those w/o, always including, cooking and loving people w/ food, her door is never closed, her table is always open, her heart constantly bursting w/ love and joy, and she reflects Jesus in all she says and does! She is my best friend! There are not words to express my admiration for the woman that she is and constantly becoming as she looks to Jesus to guide and direct her.

A couple of weeks ago she and her husband Rali offered to take Caleb and Samaria for a week...just because she wanted time w/ them, and she knew it would bless Jeff and I to have a "stay-cation". WOW...we were blessed! I kept sending her text messages thanking her...all the while she was sending me thank you messages for the chance to love on them and spend all the time she could w/ them. They played, cooked, watched movies, went for walks, went to the park, she even took both of them shopping w/ her for the day...crazy...I know...

While at home I was struggling w/ the fact that I had no kids for the week (not like I was lacking things to do, or enjoying that my hubby and I could do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted ;) my questions were more like: Was I a bad mom for enjoying it? Was I a bad mom for even allowing it? Was I neglecting my kids...all lies from the devil, but still very real... until my friend Jennie Pino stopped me by Jeff's office one day and said, "thanks for giving us permission to do something like that...what an example you guys are." I thought...God you really know what I need to hear when I need to hear it!

Let's be clear...Jeff and I are not perfect parents, we are on this journey of balancing our relationship as husband and wife w/ being parents and it is a constant tug-of-war! For this week that Tutu (Hawaiian for grandma) took the kiddos, I was blessed by giving Jeff my BEST every single day! I was not tired and worn out, I was not vying for his attention at the end of the day when he gets swarmed at the door by all three of us needing his attention and affection, I was lavishing him w/ love, kindness, touch, uninterrupted conversation, the energy to serve him, a clear and sound mind, completed thoughts and sentences, meals on the table when he walked in the door, date nights w/ just us and no time restrictions due to childcare, and we got to share in quiet times together in the Upper Room. Our cups...overflowing...

Thanks Mom! Thanks for living in front of me how to be a selfless mom, I am the mom that I am b/c of you! Thanks for sharing in the joys and hardships of parenting Caleb and Samaria for a week...thanks for loving and grand-parenting them w/ the same passion that you do w/ me and Jean! Thanks for putting my kids at the top of your love list...b/c that is the best way you can love me! Thanks for the gift of freeing me up to love my husband the way I was born to! Your gift of a kid free week...priceless!

Caleb and Samaria, when you are older and read this please know...I love you w/ my whole heart and soul, each of you brings something so crucial and meaningful to this family, without which we would not be complete! Remember, before you were here in our lives, and long after you move out and start your own families, your Daddy has and always will be the love of my life! I pray that each one of you finds a spouse that challenges you and points you to Jesus the way your Dad does for me!


  1. Thank you... your words express the blessings I receive every day by having such an incredible family... the Lord has truly been generous to surround me with a husband, daughters, son-in-law and grandkiddos that bring bountiful joy into my life... not to mention the "family" of all the wonderful people who touch my life. I love you Kara, with the infinite capacity God has created in our hearts... Mom

  2. Thanks for being you Kara and being transparent. I love you to the moon for it! And thank Lani for loving her and those kids because when she's happy so am I! I am honored to know the both of you!

  3. I have to admit, I'm a little jealous. Can I have Caleb and Sam for a week, please?