Brown update...

I know, I know. It's been awhile. Ok, it's been two weeks. So here's the skinny...

Kara & Caleb got to travel south to Redding, CA for five days and they had a blast. Kara said it was so refreshing to be back in a place that was familiar as well as be around her friends and family. It seemed as though Caleb, though 9 months old, had no problem remembering faces and recognizing voices. She spent much of her time catching up with friends and family, still not feeling like she got enough time with everyone. But when you've got 1,000 people to see, what are you gonna do?

In our effort to gather friends and support here in Salem, we have spent a couple nights hanging out with Logan & Erica Martin (worship leader & wife) eating meals and playing board games. They have become very special people to us as well as Jen & Jeff Roth (our landlords who live below us). It's nice to have such welcoming people live so close to us.

I (Jeff) am continuing to train for the half marathon on June 14th. This past Saturday, I ran 8 miles. Whew! It's weird to say that. The thought of running at all was a joke just a year ago. Now I'm looking into buying the special shirts that prevent your nipples from getting sore, because mine are. And Caleb has mysteriously learned to grab Daddy's nipples while playing with him in the bed early in the morning. Don't know where he learned that...KARA!

Kara went to her second midwife appointment to check on Baby Brownie #2. Heartbeat was strong and fast - faster usually means it's a girl, so all smiles. At the next appointment, we will have an ultrasound & find out the gender of this one. Caleb is grabbing Mama's belly at times, not sure if he realizes his career as a big brother is about to begin.

We are doing well. Thank you all for your continued prayers. The weather has become gorgeous which allows us to get out more often. Outside + sunshine - rain = happiness.

Kara and my sister, Juli, showing off the bulges.

Caleb and his future wife, Chesnie, flirting.
Caleb shows off his "high-five" skills to Aunt Melissa.
If Baby Brownie #2 is a bass player, we're set.
Chesnie's 2nd birthday party
Finally ridding his head of the mullet.
Good times with friends at Bandito Burrito.


  1. What? What? What? What?

    What?#1 -- You have a blog? Awesome!
    What?#2 -- You are running? Awesome!
    What?#3 -- You are pregnant again? AWESOME! Girl. Girl. Go girl!
    What?#4 -- Downtown Juli Brown is expecting too! AWWWESOME! I need to call her.

    Hooray for all those AWESOME happenings in your lives. You better come over to me blog and say hello there brownie! It is good to see you in the blog world. AWESOME.

    Bella (okay, that is my webworld name..but, really this is Laura..shhhh).


  2. You guys have a blog! AMAZING!!!! I guess it's the latest craze... lots of Stirring people have blogs. I love it! I miss you guys and hope things are going well. Way to go with the half marathon. I've got dreams to run one one of these days. Much love to all of the Brownies!!