Announcing the name of our new blog...

Our first pregnancy experience resembled a movie from the Middle Ages. No ultrasound, no technology (except for the heartbeat monitor, which in itself resembled something from the Middle Ages), no medicine (except for the epidural after 18 hours of intense labor), laboring at home, laboring at the midwife's house, good old fashioned hard pushing and groaning.

This time, not so much...

Though we are still choosing to go with a midwife, she is a nurse practitioner who has an office with a doctor. We also decided (though we could have chosen not to) that we wanted to "peak" and find out the gender, even though we enjoyed the suprise of not knowing Caleb was a boy...a girl named Caleb would have been a bit awkward in 8th grade...

So, you're all dying to know.

Maybe I'll reveal the truth in this blog...and maybe I won't.

Ok, it's a girl.

P.S. We're not changing our blog address, I just don't think "3hotbrownies" is going to be completely accurate come October 26.


  1. Gender diversity. Good times.

    And blogger will let you change the URL. If 4hotbrownies isn't taken, you could change the URL of your current blog, and then just create a new blog with 3hotbrownies with a forwarding link to the new one.

    Or not.

  2. Yippie for girls!!!! Ya know, Emily is a pretty awesome name :) Congrats you guys.