Pictures from May...

The worship department at Salem Alliance Church. We had an old fashioned picnic...on the worship stage...with corn dogs.
Melissa Morris came and spent some quality time with us and Caleb. I don't know if he doesn't like what she's feeding him or was smiling during this particular bite.
Mommy and Caleb at the McMenamin's in Lincoln City. We decided to celebrate our 5th anniversary by going to the coast. Good idea: surprise your wife with an ocean view room in Lincoln City. Bad idea: not get babysitting for your 10 month old son.
Another picture from McMenamin's.
Pictures from the beach. I think Caleb had fun.

After we came back from the coast, Kara needed a nap so I took Daddy Duty. Caleb fell asleep while he was playing with his toys. Ally (our chocolate lab) decided that Caleb needed another blanket.
Jean (Kara's sister) just graduated w/ honors from her high school. Kara and Caleb flew down along with Dara (Kara's friend), and spent the weekend in Fernley, NV.
Caleb is head-butting our good friend Dave Ludi. They were on vacation in Portland and met us at the airport to pick up Kara and Caleb.

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