Caleb's birthday...2nd edition

Man, I wish I was one year old again. Caleb turned 1 last Wednesday (7/23). We invited a couple Salem people to the park and had a party. This weekend, we had Kara's Dad and Karen come to visit...& spoil Caleb. Here are some pictures to make you feel like you were there.

Grandpa Santos and Caleb at Boone's Treasury (McMenaminn's).

His mini-birthday party with some great presents, including this caterpillar that plays over 26 different tunes. Yes...26. Out loud. Great for Caleb. Great for mom and dad?

Can you tell which one is 6 months pregnant?

Caleb loved his stroll through the park. He's in his "pointing-at-things" stage.

Caleb's first shrimp platter. Ten minutes after this picture was taken, there were five fries left. My boy likes shrimp!

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