July 4th!

So Kara and I were talking the other night about how it would be good for us to start making Salem traditions that are unique to our new life in northern Oregon. Oh, look! The very next week is July 4th. It's time for us to implement our new plan.

We decided to join a July 4th tradition at the Schilling household. Lori Schilling used to work for Salem Alliance Church and was actually there during my year internship, so we became good friends. They invited us to their house for food, friends, fun, & a private fireworks show. We're not talking the little puny ones that spin on the ground and catch your cat on fire. We're talking about "grade A, shake your neighbor's teeth" fireworks. Logan & Erica Martin (our new Salem friends) went as well and we had a blast. Lost of good food, even better company, and new memories to look back on.

The next day we were invited to a Lion's Lumberjack Breakfast in Albany (about 20 minutes south of Salem). The Lion's Club put on a humungous pancake breakfast with eggs & sausage. $6.00 and you could eat all you want. Logan & Erica invited us along to this long-standing tradition for Logan. He's been coming to it every year since he was a young lad.

We wanted to make traditions. Well, we got 'em.

The Browns & the Martins. Logan meant to look scary in this pic. At least, that's what he keeps telling us.

Caleb was freaked out by the first few booms, but then with the help of Mom's sound cancelling hands, he enjoyed them...somewhat.

Caleb playing on the jungle gym at the Lumberjack breakfast. Such a big boy.

Logan & Erica...what can we say?

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  1. It's wonderful to establish traditions that build foundations for joyful memories.
    Especially so during transitions and change.
    Like "crab on Christmas Eve" for an example!
    Love and miss you kids.