Sleep-Deprived Ramblings

Ok. I love sleep. No. I adore sleep. If sleep were a girl I was dating, I would show up 30 minutes early to our date. And I would bring her father a bouquet of flowers. That's how much I love sleep.

Last night, our little Samaria decided it was time to be awake from 11pm to 5am. So when most of you were dancing to the rhythm of the REM sleep band, my wife and I were trading off shifts with our newborn. Did I mention that I love sleep?

I don't condone shaking babies. In fact, I just want to go on record as saying that anyone who shakes or violently handles an infant should be slapped. But last night on my 1:30-3:30 shift, I found myself understanding why someone would resort to violence. You want to do anything to make your baby go to sleep or stop squirming or just lie there still and quiet for 5-6 hours. Sleep, little one.

Needless to say, we made it through the night withOUT (sorry for those who read this yesterday and thought I should be locked up) a shaken baby, and we now have two very tired parents who still need to tend to their 15 month old boy. We'll make it.

"Dear God, make me a bird, so I can fly far far away"


  1. "If sleep were a girl I was dating, I would show up 30 minutes early to our date."

    THAT is a great quote!

    Oh, remembering back into newborn-hood. There is no such thing as sleep....but, don't worry you know it will come....someday sleep with go on a date with you again and it will be the best date ever.

    Hang in there!


  2. You are hilarious!!!!!! If those are your thoughts when you are sleep deprived - whoowee! You are one impressive man, Jeff!!

    Oh how I remember those days of very little sleep. There were days when Priya went 12 or more hours straight without sleeping at all - and it usually was straight through the night! It was unbelievably hard! Hang in there...it will get better! But you already know that, eh? :) You guys are in our prayers!!

  3. I'm guessing in your sleep depravity you meant to say that you made it through the night withOUT a shaken baby?

    But I know the feeling. Imagine not being educated growing up that you couldn't just shake it to make it better. Isn't that what we do to other stuff ... TV's, microwaves, etc. You and I know that it's wrong to shake a baby. And while I, too, don't condone it, but I, like you, can understand the frustration that leads there. I'm grateful that I know better.

  4. Oh yeah, and next think you know there's change missing from your drawer.

    I've seen it a thousand times.