We're Back Online...

So, I'm trying to think of a way to explain to you what the last two weeks have been like. So here goes...

1. God has provided us with a place to rent that is everything we've been praying for. It is one floor, it has a washer/dryer hookup, it has a garage for extra storage, a huge back yard for Ally, and rent is exactly the amount that we knew we could afford. Apart from my wife, I've never had a prayer answered so specifically. Did I mention that the house is in a cul-de-sac, so there's no traffic and Caleb can play outside freely? Did I mention that there's no stairs? Did I mention no stairs? Oh yeah.

2. Kara is 7 days away from takeoff. Samaria Rae has been doing somersaults or pilates or something active in there. Apparently she gets hiccups quite often, or Kara has contracted a jumping goiter of some sort. Either way, "thundercats are go" in T-minus one week.

3. Oh, and did I mention that we also prayed that God would provide us with a car (since we no longer live 3 blocks from church) that I could use getting back and forth to work? Yeah, we prayed. Kara told me that when I told her I was praying for a car, she laughed inside (and out loud). Well, God decided to shut us up. A pastor at the church asked me if I wanted his car today (he's been letting me borrow it for a couple weeks). Yeah. I thought he meant TO BUY, but he meant TO GIVE TO YOU WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED. I was speechless. It's a '85 Buick White Boat that gets terrible gas mileage, but it's free. And I like her. And I've decided to name her Isaac. Weird for a "her" but I don't care. Isaac is mine.

4. Caleb is growing too fast. He walks around and says "Uh-oh". Even when he's pointing at Kara's belly, he still says it. Maybe he knows what's coming and his "uh-oh" is actually prophetic. Whatever. He's not a baby anymore. And he is ALL BOY.


  1. I love that!!! God is awesome in the way that He provides - in His perfect timing. I'm so so happy for your family. And isn't the "uh-oh" thing so cute? Jeffrey does that too. He likes to climb on everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) and is very sophisticated in the way that he manipulates furniture so that he can. He was climbing into his toy bin when he fell into it head first. We just heard this muffled "uh-oh" from inside. It was hysterical. Oh, the joys of raising boys. It's a beautiful thing.

  2. I love hearing stories about God's faithfullness in our lives. It's so God to give us specifically what we ask for. He is so good to us. And I am so glad that he has been good to your family. I have been thinking and praying for you guys to get a new house and I am so glad God did that.

    Yay for answered prayer!