Weigh in #5

So today is the day that I regret blogging about my weight-loss journey. It's fun to type success stories week after week in here. It's great to get encouraging comments from all you - keeps me going strong.

But this week (cue emotional music in the key of A minor), actually the past two weeks were not good to me. Or was I not good to them? Either way, I gained. Not just a bit. I gained 6 lbs. according to my bathroom scale. I know that I didn't watch what I was eating while I was in Redding this past weekend. And my mom made rocket cake. What was I supposed to do?

But I had no idea that I was gaining that much.

So this is where I confess that I took a couple steps back in losing weight.

I am gonna kick my own butt this week.

Weigh-in: 296 lbs.

Total loss: back to zero, kleenex please.


  1. I'm sorry Jeff but i have to say reading your blof made me feel a little better I did soooo good a month ago!!!! I was down to 169 from 208 great right? Well 5 pounds snuck up on me on less thena week!!! I'm at 174 and very sad about it, but it's nice to know i'm not the only one struggling!

  2. I lost one of my 5 gained pounds...yeah.... i think