Showers in Redding

No, that's not the forecast (though it may be the forecast in Salem...always). That is what the theme was for our lives this past weekend. Kara (Sam), Caleb, & I went down to Redding for the weekend. Kara put on a shower for my sister, Juli on Saturday and Kara had a baby shower put on for her on Sunday. In the mix was good friends, family flown in from Nebraska, leading worship for Ginosko (Morris' church plant) and a Foothill Cougar football game that ended with a last second blocked field goal to win. All in all, a great weekend. Here are some pics to refresh your memory...

It's been a while since all four of the Brown kids have been together. It was so good to hang out. Joni (bottom left) flew in from Nebraska for the weekend.

Joni brought her youngest son, Zak, along with her. Caleb had an awesome time with his cousin.

This picture is my favorite. Me and my oldest sister, holding our KIDS. Kinda weird, kinda cool.

Justin Morris decided to read a "bedtime story" to Caleb. After this picture was taken, they debated predestination. Caleb totally put him in his place.

Caleb got to hang out with his good friends, Mattie and Chesnie (pictured).

Melissa read Caleb a real bedtime story - and told Caleb the truth about predestination.

Grandma Tutu, Papi Kirschman, & Tia (Jean) travelled over for the weekend and Caleb always loves his time with Tia.

I think Krista is getting pinned.


  1. It was so nice to see ya'll this weekend!! We would love to be able to do dinner or something next time you all come down so we can get our share of Brown time.
    We will be praying for you all as you prepare for Samaria's arrival. God is so faithful!

    We love you all SSSSOOOOO much,
    The Stew's

  2. Dang. I can't believe I missed you this weekend. We ran into your family at Logan's on Saturday night while my mom was in town. Saw Jenna too. Hope you had a great trip.