Weigh in #3

Sorry about not reporting last week. I only lost .5 lbs.

This week, I stayed exactly the same. Weird. But we did go out to Red Robin this week. Darn those fries. And the ranch dressing. And the BBQmayo. And the Honey Mustard. Oh well.

Weighn in: 291 lbs.

Total lost: 5 lbs.


  1. Darn that honey mustard....gets me everytime!
    Why is that guys can post so easily about their weight...
    ...I too am on a mission to lose a few hundred or so pounds...and I just can't get myself to post about it on my blog. Girls!

    Give hugs to the Mrs. for me! She is so darling. I am going to be at Juli shower this month. Woot woot for babies!

    Keep up the good work. No more fries though.

  2. Wow, Jeff! How do you lose 100lbs in a week??? I want to get on that diet! Just kidding, I think your numbers are off. Way to go, though. I know its a hard journey. We can bring healthy things to the green room. :)