Pictures from Labor Day Weekend

Our good friends, the Milers, drove up to Salem for Labor Day weekend and we had a blast. Here's some pictures to make you feel like you were stalking us the whole time.

So Matt & Corrie decided after we had purchased some berries from the market that they still needed more...and found this berry tree/bush on the way home.

Matt & Jeff joined a Fantasy Football League for college football together and had their draft on Friday night...2 minutes after the Millers arrived. Whew!

Caleb & the girls.

Sunday night, we all went to the Oregon State Fair and had a great time. Though it rained off and on, and everything there is expensive.

Elephant Ears. This may have been the only reason we went to the fair.

The Millers enjoyed their first elephant ear ever...and Corrie went into sugar shock.

Petting Zoo.

That's my boy.

Our good friend Jon Hastings also made a trip to Salem (his hometown). Really good to see him.

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