Weigh In #4

Weigh-in: 290 lbs. (-1)

Total lost: 6 lbs.

So I'm happy but discouraged. You ever felt that way? It's weight lost, but this whole "one pound per week" thing is getting old. I did really good this week with eating and exercising every day. Felt great physically all week.

But, c'mon, seriously...a pound?!

My wife just said, "Jeff, think about it. That's a POUND off of you."

True, Kara. Very true.


  1. Jeff,
    do you watch the biggest loser? I find that show extremely inspiring! anyway a new season starts this tuesday night. good luck in your efforts, i am sure it will all be worth it!!

  2. thanks you guys. Yeah, i actually was inspired by the guy two seasons ago who lost 200 lbs or so. That got me off my butt to lose the first 40 lbs. Now I'm on the struggle for the next 40.

  3. Don't let a pound discourage you, friend. 1 pound a week = 52 pounds in a year. And taking it off gradually will likely be an indicator that it will stay off permanently. Baby steps... (But, yes, I know how you feel. I think back 6 years when I was in the best shape of my life. And here I am 50 pounds heavier. Grrr!) Good job!