My Recent Surgery

So I was in our weekly worship planning meeting this morning and my fellow worship leader, Logan, shared something with me that made me stop. Ever had that happen to you? Somebody says something profound our outside the proverbial box, and you are forced to have brain surgery to see if the doctors can successfully infuse this new truth into your cerebellum. I had that moment today.

We were talking about worship (imagine that) and he shared something he heard recently at a chapel at Corban College here in Salem. Here it is.

Corporate worship is our chance to align our stories with His.

All of us are crafting stories of our lives. Some of us choose to have a victim story (actually most of us do). Others have dominant stories, where we seek to gain power over anyone and everyone. Still others choose to have stories where we believe anyone who disagrees with us should be put to death, or at least slapped across the face with a black glove. Those of us who come into our weekly worship time with the body of Christ are in the process of writing our stories. Truth be told, the majority of our stories look nothing like the story of the gospel. Yet when we are able to sing songs of worship or recite powerful scriptures or hear the life-changing truth that God has breathed into the written Word, then our story becomes aligned with His. When we choose to give up our story and abandon ourselves to the story He's writing in us, then "abundant life" is ours.

This is my story.
This is my song.
Praising my Savior all the day long.

This will change the way I lead worship. The surgery is underway. And I love it.

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  1. Love this, hefe. Thanks for sharing. I have been learning a lot about this lately...and about how "the story He's writing in us" is not being written only for our own elightenment, but for others to learn from...so that we might all be better aligned with His story...and better magnify His glory. We are a part of something much bigger than ourselves. Anyway...thanks again for sharing. Can't wait to see your fam again soon. Thanks for being you!

    ps...love the tshirt graphic of the day!