She said it...

"I thought it was cardboard!"

- said by Kara after she realized that Caleb was playing with his own poop in the bathtub.


  1. At least your son didn't eat his own poo in the tub! Try calling the Dr. regarding that one- she actually said, "Now that's a first!" World's greatest Mom here! Love you guys!!

    PS- Dr. did say that it wouldn't hurt him; it was in him once already... (gross!)

  2. HAHAHAHA OH, man... I have my own "I didn't know it was poop" story that I'll have to share with you guys. It's actually in my blog from March 15, 2008 (Photo Op). Scott will never let me live that one down. I'm so glad I have another person to relate to. Not all poops are created equal, ya know.

  3. Jeff, I gave Caleb his bath last Saturday night, and I found more "cardboard" in the water!!! Love, Gramma Brownie (MiMi)

  4. Well, he is your son Jefe.

    Love, Andie