cookies and love

To celebrate Valentines Day this year, Kara taught Caleb how to make and decorate cookies that they brought to some of the church staff at lunch time.

After Kara showed Caleb the first cookie cut-out, she said, "Ta-Daa". So...after every successive cookie that was cut out, Caleb finished it with his own "Ta-Duh".

Also, our little girl Samaria is rolling from her tummy to her back. These milestones are so fun to watch...it's like watching a flower open...

...and then roll onto it's back.


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  2. Alright, tell Caleb to knock it off! He is looking like such a big boy and I can't stand it. It isn't fair to grow up on a blog instead of in person. STOP IT RIGHT NOW!! I can't see the video but I am sure little Sam needs to stop growing up too. Love you guys and miss ya so very much!

  3. Love how cooking tired Caleb out - makes me feel better about how tired I am after an hour in the kitchen. Sam's big smile is beautiful!