sam is such a dedicated little girl

Catholics christen, Lutherans & Presby's sprinkle, lion cubs get held up by for all to see at Pride Rock, and we weird Christians "dedicate".

I would love to see Rafiki hold up my child for all animal land to bow down to.

For those of you who follow this blog and don't regularly attend a church, let me translate. When parents want to publicly commit to raising their child(ren) in the fear of the Lord, they "dedicate" their kids in front of their church. I've also seen it done in a backyard with friends and family - so it doesn't really matter where it's done as long as it's in front of people you love and have community with. Regardless, that's what we did with our 4 month old Samaria Rae.

Grandparents galore. Free babysitting abounded. And when all was said and done, we had a great weekend with our immediate and church family. Here are some pics of the extravaganza (I've always wanted to use that word in my blog - yeah for me).

Hanging with Aunt Jean ("Tia").

Sam & Tutu.

Caleb loves riding the "choo-choo" at the Salem Library.

Reading with Gama.

"I love Papi Kirschman".

At the dedication, Caleb decided he would steal the show and wander all over the stage. He went over to Laura (worship leader) and sat on her lap, walked up and down the front stairs, and just acted like a Pastor's kid.

My dad was able to end the dedication with prayer for us and Sam.
A very special moment.

This picture was taken with Steve and Trina Fowler. They have become very special people to us and Steve is the pastor of Salem Alliance Church.

Sam just finished debriefing the weekend with Papa.

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