highlights of March

Caleb got to dress up at the Gilbert House in Salem.
His facial expression reminds of the little brother in "The Christmas Story"
when his mom dressed him in his winter clothes.


We made a trip down to Redding and got to hang with some good friends.
Caleb LOVES Mattie and Chesnie...who will he marry???

I don't know if Kara or Corrie appreciate this picture being on the internet,
but I know the internet does.

While in Redding, we took our Salem friends to see the "famous" Sundial Bridge.
Erica and baby Martin, Kara and Beth Fowler

Logan and I showing our best sides

Samaria and her cousin Tate had some quality time together.

The main reason for coming to Redding was to lead worship
with Logan and the band at Genesis.

Hang out time with my bro.

Breakfast with the Gowers and Quillens.

Mom & Dad Brown with their hands full.

"I know how you feel, Ally"

Kara took a trip up to Washington to hang with good friends
Dara & Billy, and their son Rayce.

While they were there, Kara took Caleb for his first Big Boy haircut.

Kara and her Big Boy.

Dara showing Sam how to do the balance beam.

I think Caleb had fun.

That's my boy!

Another reason for going to WA...Lounging with Grandpa Santos time.
Gotta love cartoons!

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