Oh the Wonderful Sounds Mrs. Brown Can Hear...

I have had my new ears for one week! WOW!!! I can't even remember what it was like without them...well, to be honest, I can. Because I have to take them out every couple of hours to give myself a break. It is really overwhelming and I have had a constant headache for a week.

I have been avoiding this entry because I have put a lot of pressure on myself to communicate what it was like to go from hearing the world with half of my hearing to ALL of my hearing...and then some!

So I made a list of things as the days unfolded...some big...some not so big...here goes...

  • seatbelt makes a click sound
  • raindrops on the windshield
  • melody/harmony...never heard it, BEAUTIFUL!
  • water splashing on the sink
  • ice machine...crushed...yummy
  • my kids in the back seat, talking, singing, arguing, all of it!
  • my oven timer, even from another ROOM!
  • the prelude to the Chuck series has a bunch of background sounds that I never knew were there
  • birds chirping
  • the sound of the steamer when my dirty chai is being made
  • the sound of paper ripping and scrunching
  • had to turn down the ringer on my cell phone
  • at the park w/ the kids and heard all these adorable little voices w/ wind and falling leaves
  • the carousel was annoying loud :)
  • music played from the ipod or in the car does not have to be full blast
  • people whispering...both ears and from all kinds of distances
  • my friends and families voices as they really are...tears...lots of tears...
  • the sound of Ally's id tag clinking against her collar (Ally is our chocolate lab...first born)
  • annoying talking/noise toys that our family buys for our children! thx grandparents!
  • the sound of someone eating a banana...loudly
  • my feet hitting the ground as I run...and all the feet around me too, so I don't do that anymore!
  • knuckles cracking
  • cymbals...you know...like w/ the drums...never heard those before
  • zits popping...love that sound :)
  • discovered "background" music levels
  • cereal hitting the bowl
  • hearing people WITHOUT reading their lips and seeing their faces
  • egg shaker - thought those were for the people who could not sing but wanted to be on stage ;)
  • tv shows w/o captions...and I can hear everything!
  • egg shells cracking
  • finger nails being clipped...cool sound that goes w/ that gross job
  • i never understood why there was keyboard AND piano at the same time, turns out, they are different, layering i think is the fancy/music word
  • church/worship/teaching was AMAZING!!!
  • hearing my hubby sing, fully and completely, I was a mess, it was/is beautiful! more to come on hearing my man talk and sing...its gonna be a tear jerker...stay tuned!

oh the wonderful sounds...

PS...I have also realized that I AM REALLY LOUD...so I would like to publicly apologize to all of you for my loudness! I AM SO SORRY! WOW...I had no idea! Bad news is...I passed it onto my kids...ugh!!!


  1. I'm with Carol...Zit popping? That makes you smile? Oh stink, I just puked!!!

  2. Kara, such a big smile on my face reading your list and this amazing story of unexpected blessing. Thank you for reminding us of the wonder and beauty in so many sounds the rest of us take for granted (zits perhaps being the exception :-) ). So, so, so happy for you and your dear family!

  3. ahhh... precious sounds. i love that you are learning how great sounds are & how loud you are! but don't change that... it is one of my most favorite things about you. & one of my most favorite things about your kiddos. missing you.

  4. Such an amazing gift!!! Something I'm sure all of us take for granted at times, I'm so happy for you...and for the little things that put a smile on your face like popping zits! ;-)

  5. beautiful....loved the list...you should keep adding to it every week or so...
    and I LOVE the blog title...I started "reading" the book aloud in my head after reading the title...thanks!

  6. Kiera, just read your blog on "Hearing Northwest" site. Love your list, I'm now hearing those things and more. I suspect you are used to your aids by now, but just don't forget to appreciate the sounds that you are now hearing again.

    Check out my blog boathouse cruising, for my first discoveries with my aids. Hope to hear from you.

    Nancy at the Boat House