Christmas 2010...finally!

This Christmas was amazing...Advent Prayer Path, parties w/ family and friends, worshipful experiences at church, moments w/ my children and husband that I will never forget, loved my sister living w/ us for a month, a long yet fulfilling day of Jeff leading 4 Christmas Eve services, a quiet family Christmas morning at home, celebration of our Savior entering the world, and a quick little trip to the ER Christmas night for me (Kara) to be diagnosed w/ Vertigo!

My Dad and his wife, Karen came up for Christmas Eve service. The kids were excited for time w/ Grandpa & Grandma Santos.

Caleb and Samaria made graham cracker houses...they had a BLAST!

Caleb was thrilled to show Hudson Hornet and McQueen to Santa, he didn't even ask for presents, he just told Santa about his Cars...lol

Samaria was freaked out by Santa, so I went w/ her...she still kept her distance!

Buddy trying to give sisi kisses...she was not very receptive :)

Santa Claus brought our entire family tie dye undies...or maybe Aelix (girl in my discipleship group) helped me tie dye undies and socks too!

Buddy trying to trace his body on the easel w/ chalk...
like we do outside on the concrete...so funny to watch.

Samaria baking cookies in her new kitchen from Santa...ok, maybe Daddy made it for her and Santa took the credit. Great job husband!!!

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  1. I like the very first picture of the family! Plus I think I took it! Miss you guys loads! Hope all is good! Let me know next time you are in my neighborhood cause I wanna see you guys!