Our last week in Redding.

Bath time with daddy. Next one would be in Salem, Oregon.

Our last Sunday at RCF. A bittersweet moment as they prayed for us, and at the same time prayed for the next youth pastor, Nick Welch, who had just been hired to take over the youth ministry.

The truck was packed and loaded Friday morning. We asked my father to oversee the operation and he got everything in the truck - with some extra room to spare! We couldn't have done it without family, friends, and some hungry teenagers.

With the truck packed, we set out early Saturday morning with the Brown caravan. Though Joey and I almost died because traffic suddenly reached a hault and we only had 50-60 ft. to maneuver to the shoulder, we had a safe trip. Don't worry Budget-employee-bloggers, this pic was staged.

Our last meal with the fam before they headed home. We couldn't have done this trip without them. As we uploaded these pictures, Kara and I are sprawled out on our couch in our new home in Salem, Oregon. We are excited about the next steps and know that we are in the caring hands of a good God.

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  1. Brownie- I was actually really excited for you guys when I heard about the move. I know just how difficult it is to move away from family, and familiarity, but I am really excited for you and your ever-growing family.

    I hope we can remain in touch (blogger helps!)