My first day at work...

I woke up to the sight of my son, Caleb, crawling across the bed towards me. He buried his head underneath me, almost as if he was trying to gain leverage in order to push me off the bed. Cuddling is a new thing with him, and we love it. Sometimes, he mistakes "head-butting" with cuddling, but either way, we welcome it.

Tying up my running shoes, strapping on my ipod, & grabbing my dog's leash (with my dog attached to the end of it), I set out for my morning run. I knew that I would need this. It's amazing how much energy I gain from expending it.

My wife prayed for me while at the same time feeding my son his breakfast of apples/blueberries. Caleb has not learned prayer etiquette yet, especially when food is at stake, but we spent a moment praying for each other. For me, she prayed for strength, excitement, and we thanked God for getting us to this place. For Kara, I prayed for patience as she makes our house a home and for Caleb to get over his little cough.

Orientation with Kyra (H.R.). Signing papers never felt so good. Man, it's good to be here.

I arrived at my office to see 30 individual brownies laid out on my desk. A sign above read "Welcome Brownie". An additional sign read "your keys are below" with an arrow pointing to the brownies. Apparently, Logan and the rest of the staff thought it would be humorous to bake my new keys into three random brownies. My task was to search all the brownies and find them. Humorous. Again, I knew I was in the right place.

Worship Leader meeting with Logan and Laura. Dreaming. Brainstorming. Talking about the future. This is amazing. To have two other people that love worship as much as I do and to bounce ideas off of each other is unlike anything I could explain. It's my dream job.

Lunch with the worship department at The Ram.

I set up my office and was given a crash course on the church network

My wife met me at the church door and we walked home together. I could get used to this.

All in all, an amazing first day at my new job. God has led our lives to this point and we are grabbing it with both arms. I love this place. I love this job. I love this time in my life.


  1. Wow! You sound very happy to be there! Are you very familiar with the area? Good luck to you and Kara as you begin a new stage of your life!

  2. What an awesome first day! Congratualtions all the way around!!!!

  3. Ha ha- I loved the Key/Brownie idea. Wish I would have thought of that at some point.

    It's an amazing feeling to finally be in the best that God has for you. I could not be more happy for you all.