One more thing...

I know that I already blogged today about the grandparents, but I wanted to let you all know how I (Jeff) am doing on my fitness goals.
I always thought runners were idiots. IDIOTS. Who runs for fun? Seriously. That's like watching Vin Diesel films just because he's muscular and can't act.

Alas, I have recently been challenged by my wife and co-workers to run a HALF-MARATHON. 13.1 miles. That's quite a bit of "K's". Running...all of it. For fun.

I've taken this challenge head on and am sticking to a training regimen that consists of adding more and more mileage to my runs til I'm running 10-11 miles before the race. The cool thing I talked to my brother Joey about running with me and he has agreed. Brown brothers, running, for fun.

Seriously though it's a huge milestone for me fitness wise and I'm excited about meeting this challenge head on. I'll keep you all posted.


  1. Wow. It looks like you have gotten some sun, even in Oregon...Hmm. Suspicious. I don't remember your arms being so long and skinny either.
    Regardless, I am impressed. Running still isn't fun for me.

  2. thats awesome!
    you can do it jefe!!
    miss you!

  3. Dude! Brownie! Hi from the Pecauts. Glad I found your blog. We too have taken up running. (well, I've re-taken it up) Bobby decided to run a marathon and I've been training with him. Anytime you want some extra running partners, just let us know! Although, judging from that picture, you are way beyond our level so...

  4. Oh...wait. Never mind on the running partner thing. I just realized you guys are in Oregon. Oh well!!

  5. My you have changed since Simpson...HAHAHA!

  6. Brownie ... me, too! But you already knew that. Matt and I went to go run on the river trail today. Just as we were about to take off, a young man came in a flash across the finish line. The other Mr. J. Brown running a June half-marathon in Oregon.

    Yes, we are crazy. You are crazier than me. We're not running ours until November. And we're not even at 4 mile runs yet.

    But the picture. I always knew you had a little too much soul in you to be Caucasian.