Weekend with the Brown Grandparents...

This past weekend, Grandma & Grandpa Brown decided to spend the weekend at our new home in Salem, Oregon. It had been 3 weeks since we'd seen any family, much less anyone from Redding, so this was a much-needed break for us all.

On Saturday, we slept in (well, actually Kara and I slept in while the grandparents did their grandparent thing and woke up with Caleb at 6:30am) til about 8:00am. What a beautiful thing that is. We had forgotten how magical it is to sleep in past 7:00. We laid around all morning, playing with Caleb, laughing, catching everybody up on the latest in our lives. Then we took Gma & Gpa to "Pita Pit" (one of our new favorite Salem restaurants). While Jeff went off to work at Salem Alliance, the rest of them drove 20 minutes up I-5 to Woodburn to brave the crowds at the famous Woodburn Outlets. I later found out that only Grandma and Kara went because Grandpa decided to let the women go on without him (strange man) while he watched Caleb back at the house. We celebrated Mom's birthday later that night with a homemade Chocolate Cheesecake that Kara made.
On Sunday, since Jeff didn't have to be at church, everyone bundled up (because it was SNOWING on April 20) and headed out for Orchard Heights Winery for their Sunday brunch. They make omelettes, waffles, scrambles, burritos, & pastas fresh. Mmm. So good! Our good friend Dave Hastings (who Jeff interned under at Salem Alliance Church 6 years ago) works there on Sundays as a chef. He sang "Happy Birthday" to Grandma and gave her a box of chocolate covered macademia nuts. We came back, watched a movie, took a nap, and played a game of Sequence. Grandpa & Kara beat Jeff & Grandma 2 games to 1. Again, we watched a movie. I loved Sunday.
Today, we took Caleb to the Salem Riverfront Carousel. It's one of 2 handcarved carousels in the world. It's actually a marvel to look at and see all the beautifully carved horses, then ride it and bring back memories of your childhood. Caleb wasn't quite sure about the ride at first, but when he joined Jeff on his horse, he was ok. After the ride, Grandpa wanted to make sure that "baby Sam" (the name we've given our unnamed, ungendered baby) was supplied with the right amount of Red Robin steak fries. So we ate at Red Robin. A great ending to our refreshing time with Grandma & Grandpa Brown.


  1. You guys sound like you a nice weekend, especially with the extra help! And I have to say that I am impressed with how frequently you are blogging. You are starting to make me jealous!

  2. Yeah, we have family and friends that would physically hurt us if we didn't blog as much as we did.