We survived our first week!

A little over a week, and we are still pressing on. This whole moving thing has been super-stressful (a little less stressful than having a loved one pass away) amidst the packing, boxes, driving, switching bills over to a new address, making sure we didn't forget important stuff (like our 8-month old son), not to mention trying to transfer the feel of "home" we had in Redding to a smaller home in Salem. Check back soon for pics of our new place (Kara has done an amazing job).

Kara had a couple hard days last week. We knew it would be difficult moving to a new place, but forgot that Kara was moving from involvement in ministry/great friendships/stable home to NOTHING. Literally, she had nothing. There are a couple of women from Salem Alliance that have reached out to her and spent some time with her last week, but it's not the same. Any of you who have moved know what I'm talking about.

Every day it gets better. Every day we meet new people or see another side of the city of Salem and we are encouraged. Every day our roots here in Salem begin to spread and grow deeper. One day, we will look back and remember these first months as we chuckle about how hard it was. But for now, we have to work a little harder at chuckling. For now, we press on.


  1. Jeff,
    What are your and Kara's email addresses? I have some information that I would like to share with you guys.

  2. jbrown@salemalliance.org

  3. Not sure, but does this border on child abuse??? Hmmm...
    Maybe I should be talking to your parents regarding a joint custody thing... You know, 6 months in Redding, 6 months in Nevada... Nahhh.
    He looks like he's having way too much fun and no one would ever believe it.
    But you can't blame a Grandma for trying!

  4. You know, you really can't understand a true feeling of lost until you have MOVED. Away from your family, away from your friends, away from the doctors you trust, the grocery store you memorised, and the street you walked on everyday.

    I can honestly say that I feel for you guys, and most especially Kara.

    I will be praying for the Brown family that someday really really soon, you won't have to try so hard to chuckle.