Caleb's birthday...3rd edition

Yes. A 3rd edition. I'm really wishing right now that I was one year old again. Man, you get a lot of presents. Of course, you don't remember anything later on. But who cares! Here's some pics from our weekend in Redding.

Juli is catching up. She's due in December. We hope it's a girl, so Sam has someone to play with.

Opening presents with Tutu.

Caleb and Aunt Jean, affectionately called Tia.

Caleb's first birthday cake, designed by Grandma Tutu.

Jena gave Caleb his first TIE DIE tshirt.

The Brown siblings got together and were astounded at Juli's Guitar Hero skills.

Then we found out that she wasn't human.

Grandma & Uncle Joey hanging in the pool. This was before Caleb pooped on Joey's lap.

His first floaty. He got to open this present early.

Lots of good friends came out and partied with us. I can't tell you how many photos there are in the world of us doing this same pose.

It wouldn't have been a party without Mel.

Caleb was having a great time, I swear.

Daniel & Angela Herrera (the newlyweds) came up from Sacramento to love on our little one year old. Thanks you two!

Rochelle Fast and her husband Troy (not pictured) came up from Modesto too. We are so blessed.

It wouldn't be a first birthday without this picture. Great cake Tu Tu!

He really liked this thing.

Justin & Melissa Morris. The shirt that Caleb is wearing was a gift from them.

Thanks Tutu & Tia (Jean) for making the long trip from Nevada. Couldn't have done it without you.

"Don't go too far away from me, Grandpa."
I think the weekend tired our little man out.

Playing with Uncle Ted at Red Robin.

"This pose always makes the girls pay attention, Uncle Noah."
"You so crazy"


  1. Please don't tell Myra there is such a thing as three birthday parties. She is only getting one and she doesn't need a complex.
    PS. Sad we missed you in Redding.

  2. Very bummed to have missed it! Stinkin' kids- always messing things up! First your wedding, now Caleb's first birthday!! I've resigned to not being able to go to any of your milestones!! But am glad Ryan was able to take the twins! Love you lots!!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun. My favorite: finding out that Juli isn't human. That's my general suspicion of all accountants, anyway.

  4. Yay caleb! Happy Birthday!
    What fun you guys had. You're right, you are totally spoiled when you turn 1, it's so not fair.