Weighing in at...

7 days ago I decided to take the plunge and do a "jump start" diet. It consists of setting a certain amount of calorie intake per day, all made up of slimfast shakes, luna bars, and soup. It sounded bland (and it was) except for the soup which was my highlight for the day. Kara cheered me on all week and tried to eat her dinner in the closet so it wouldn't be tempting for me to overtake her and steal her food. She was great.

I weighed in at 296...7 days ago.

Today, I weighed in at...292.
4 lbs down. 52 to go.

Two years ago I would have thought this would be an impossible task. 52 lbs!! YOU SO CRAZY! But after losing my first 40, I've realized that it's not that crazy of a proposition. It can be done. It will be done.


  1. Keep it up! You already have done a fabulous job!! Love you guys lots!!

  2. Go Brownie, Go! You've GOT this!!!