Reunions, birthdays, videos, oh my!

A lot has happened since we last talked.

Let me recap.

Andrew Peterson really did sign my chest. Told you.

Our good friend Mandy Spotts and her boyfriend, Ryan, came down to have dinner with us. They read Caleb his bedtime story that night.

The whole fam travelled up to Yakima for Kara's 10 year high school reunion. It was a whirlwind trip with activities on Friday and Saturday that kept us moving. Seeing all of her high school friends was good for her, and I enjoyed myself too (even though I thought I would dread it).

Kara with her bestest friends from high school, Dot & Heather.
The whole gang.


Greg Dawson, the man, the myth, the legend.

Caleb made some friends too.

He even met a girl, but don't worry. There were chaperones.

We had just enough time to see Grandpa & Karen Santos. Caleb wants one of these someday. So does daddy.

We were visited by my cousin Cristi and her Greenville friend, MO. We apparently were trying on some new shorts that the girls had purchased earlier that day. I'm wearing Cristi's.

It was Cristi's 21st birthday. We made her wear a beautiful but subtle sash to the restaurant where we shared her first "adult beverage" together. Good times.
You didn't know my son came with his own convenient carrying case.
Caleb enjoying his first corn on the cob.

Some videos for your viewing enjoyment.


  1. LOVE that Caleb's reading George!!! I think he gets his dancing skills from his daddy-o. At least it's not from Grandpa Brown!

  2. He is getting SO BIG! Thanks for the videos, it's great to see him 'in real life'! :) Miss you guys as always! XO & Mahalo