Beware: Cute Kid Pics

These are some pics of our time at the Pumpkin Festival at the Gilbert House in Salem. Tutu bought a NEMO costume last year for Caleb to wear this year, and he was the talk of the party. Except one lady who said "Oh look, he's a pumpkin!". First off lady, No! Secondly, have you ever seen pumpkin grow a dorsal fin. Huh? Lady?

We took Caleb to a pumpkin patch here in town.

Grandpa and Grandma Brown came to town for a couple days and we took Caleb and Samaria to the family fun night at our church. The first picture is taken with the Roth kids (we lived above the Roths for the first six months we lived here).

The tail fin came in handy.

Caleb loved Grandma Brown's earrings.

Our baby girl.


  1. OH! You have SUCH a lovely little family! Adorable kidlets! And your are RIGHT about your wife...she is SUCH a HOTTIE! I love that pic of her holding Sam. Thanks for having a blog!!!!

  2. I agree... very cute!! Love you four so very much!!