I didn't know it was possible...

...but my wife has actually gotten more attractive over the last five years of our marriage. Now I know I'm biased (a bit), but my expectations of how my wife's appearance would change over the years has been totally blown out of the water.

Don't get me wrong. It isn't like I expected her to get ugly and grow prickly hair under her nose that would force to kiss only her bottom lip. But knowing the reality of aging, gravity, and childbearing, I didn't expect her to get more...how shall we say...HOT!

My wife is hot.

I almost want to have sixteen more kids and see what happens!

Anyone else feel the same about their special lady?


  1. Well, I am sure she must be blushing now that she's read this blog. Way to treat your wifey right.

  2. The bigger my stomach gets, the more my husband seems to want to be around me... so I guess he gets it too. ;)
    But -- Kara is the kind of woman who glows and exudes beauty. I don't know how she does it all the time, but she's got it down. ;)