30 is the new 20

My birthday was January 2nd. My father always told me that I was not born on the 1st because I waited for him to watch the bowl games (which used to be on New Years Day) and then chose to come out. Your welcome, Pops.

This was a special one. It was my 30th. And my wife decided to sneak into my office before I showed up to decorate a little. I'll let the pictures say it all.

I love my wife.

She makes me smile.

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  1. She didn't happen to dump POUNDS of chopped confetti into all of your desk drawers, did she? I remember someone thinking that would be a swell way to wish me a "Happy Birthday" on my 40th. Oh, was that you??? I had almost forgotten....NOT!! I found that bits of that confetti for the next 3 years! Love you still, kiddo...but just you wait. Someday I'll confetti you back but good! Mama Lori