First pictures of the New Year

Grandma Tutu came to Salem for a week with the grandkids...and us.
We were so blessed by her. She gave us numerous date nights
away from the kids. The bonnet Sam is wearing has been worn
by five generations before her...and the gown
is the same that Kara wore at her christening.

Bathtime together!

My brother Joey, and my cousin Cristi made a roadtrip to Salem.
We had a blast together all weekend and had to make a trip
to the Cheesecake Factory.

No comment!

Brother & Sister being cute as always.

Caleb hanging out with his friend Jeffrey Matkovich
on the new table and chairs that he got from Grandpa & Grandma Brown.
No, Jeffrey is not stoned!

Look at our big girl prop her head up.

I swear this shot was not set up.
Kara looked over and he was reading a book.
A future circus performer? Hmm...maybe.

I was in the bedroom and heard a muffled
little voice from under the bed.
Apparently his ball had rolled under there.


  1. Ok, that last picture is hilarious - that you got your camera out to take a picture before helping the poor boy! Hilarious! Love seeing how much Sam is growing - even though it's only been a month since I've seen her! Crazy. Love you tons, bro.

  2. The kids are getting so big and Sam is growing into quite the PYT. Nice to see you all doing so well.