They're doing it...

They said this would happen. And each time they did, I screamed inside, "Shut Up, it's not going to be that way with my kids. Not my kids!"

But it did.

They both are...

...growing up.

Have a look for yourself.

As a man I'm not the proudest I've ever been to tell you this: my wife was given "Mamma Mia" the movie...and the other night we sat down to watch it. Do you still like me?

As the songs of ABBA marched one by one across my TV screen, I tuned most of them out. Except for when Pierce Brosnan (the last James Bond) began to sing and I immediately looked for something sharp to stab my ear drum with. Grotesque, I know. But extreme situation call for ear drum poking.

Then one song caught my ear. It's the one where Meryl Streep is getting her "daughter" ready for her wedding day and is reminiscing of the days gone by. She says one line that sums up my feelings. "Slipping through my fingers all the time".

Slipping through my fingers. My kids, their young years, their priceless smiles, their false attempts at saying "Dadda", their 5 lb diaper changes, their times of laughing when I tickle their side with my beard. It's all slipping through my fingers.

I don't want to sound sappy. So I won't.

But I apologize to everyone who told me that this would happen. I apologize for yelling at you in my mind. Sorry.


  1. Awe, you're such a dad Brownie... I knew it, I knew you had the corny deep inside you.
    I just want to know how your wife got you to watch Mama Mia? I am still working on Tim.

  2. Yes, slipping through your fingers is exactly what they do. I am going to have a five year old this summer! Watch out before you know it they will be going to school, driving, dating, walking down the aisle (with on of my girls!) and having your grandkids. Hold on for the ride my friend, just hold on.

  3. Your family is so beautiful! For the record, I got "Mama Mia" for Christmas and made Jake watch it... on Christmas morning!! :)

  4. TOTALLY agree about Pierce Brosnan - couldn't someone have dubbed in for him! As for your kids growing up - just wait, the best is yet to come. Case in point: Ethan played so aggressive in his basketball game tonight that he got a foul called on him! His first! I'm so proud.