April 2011

April 1st, 2011 will be a special day that the Browns will always remember! (not b/c we love practical jokes, all though we do) It was the day the Josh and Bex came home w/ their newest family member, Miss Mercy Mann! We were honored to share in that moment when family and friends met Mercy for the first time at the airport. Samaria has been in love with and praying for Mercy since the day the Manns shared their referral pic w/ Sam on Josh's phone. They gave Sam a pic of Mercy and she would eat meals w/ the pic and hold it close to her "rubbing" Mercy's back. What a blessing it has been to watch them go through this adoption process and see how it has affected Caleb and Samaria, having an interest and awareness of what it means to adopt and be adopted!

Jeff and I got to celebrate w/ our friend Shannon for her b-day along w/ some other couples at Pok Pok up in Portland, one of our fav restaurants and the BEST WINGS EVER!!!

Our dear friends Luke and Joc came home from the Middle East for a visit w/ their new little guy River! We had a blast w/ them while they were here, we never have enough time w/ them! Sam had her hands on River every chance she got and the only part that made their departure to return bearable, was that we were headed there in August!

Seriously LOVE her!!!

Caleb and Sam had a blast opening their Easter packages from Grandpa and Grandma Santos

We did our Easter Egg hunt a couple days early, as Daddy had to work Easter week and weekend. Ally helped the kids find their eggs...such a great doggy.

The Girls

Mom and Rali w/ Caleb and Sam for Easter Sunday. The dress Sam is wearing my mom made for me for Easter, so neat to see my little girl in it!

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