Meeting the Boys

Sometimes you have friends that become family b/c you have shared so much together. Mel and Justin are some of those friends. Mel and I have been friends since our first year of college, we played basketball at Simpson, were roomies for a few years and did ministry together. Justin came on staff at Redding Christian Fellowship as the Jr. High Pastor and shared an office w/ Jeff and playing ping pong during their lunch break was just the beginning. Justin and Melissa said they were "just friends" for awhile, then realized they were best of friends and didn't want to walk this journey of life without each other! Jeff and I stood up w/ them in their wedding and it was one of the most beautiful weddings I have been apart of.

We did life together, ministry together, bought houses together, tried to get pregnant together...well, not together, at the same time...you know what I mean! After a year, Jeff and I got pregnant w/ Caleb. They rejoiced w/ us. Then 7 months after Caleb was born, we got pregnant again w/ Samaria. They rejoiced w/ us, despite the reminder our 2nd pregnancy was that they still did not have a child of their own.

Countless nights Jeff and I pleaded w/ God on their behalf, knowing they would be AMAZING parents and they would love and provide only the most and best they possibly could for their children.

God answered their prayers, our prayers, and countless others prayers!!! Hank and Jack were placed in their home this Feb! You can read their account of the journey to expand their family. Its an amazing one that only God could have called them to, giving them exactly what they needed when they needed it.

All this to say, we got to meet the boys!!! We made a trip up shortly after Hank was placed in their home just me and the kids. Then later in early March Jeff was able to come so we could all meet Jack! I can't tell you the tears of joy cried when seeing Mel and Justin love these boys for the first time. Gods faithfulnees lived out in these two little boys...boys that have been prayed for and desired for years, longed for, before they were even born.

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