May 2011

May was a really busy month. There was so much going on: us and my mom and Rali moving/unpacking, family and friends visiting, ministry stuff, a trip to Redding and making our new house a home!

Here are a few highlights...

After all the craziness of Easter and moving we needed a "Brown Fun Family" day. We let the kids pick what they wanted to do, the Carousel and the River (so they could throw rocks in) were their top picks. Followed w/ lunch at Red Robin...where else would they want to eat?

Double Date Night w/ the Glazes! Red Robin for dinner and bowling, I am pretty sure the ladies dominated!

Chesnie turned 5 this month down in Redding and we didn't want to miss another b-day! I had the honor of being there w/ Corrie when she had Ches and I can't believe that was 5 years ago!

All the tutu girls jumping on the bed! The Miller house is one of my kids favorite places to be!

For Mothers Day Corrie and I did a progressive lunch...w/ no kids...just us! It was one of my fav dates w/ Corrie ever. She is my "BCHF" (best curly haired friend) and living far from her is not my favorite, but with times like this it gets us from one visit to the next.

Since Jeff was working Mothers Day weekend and we were in Redding, the kids and I got to spend some of Mothers Day w/ the Browns.

Auntie Juli spotting Sam as she climbs up a rock wall w/ her boots on...Juli is prego w/ Carter in this pic (we didn't know it was Carter then, I totally thought it was a girl!)

Mama Brown enjoyed having some of her kids and grandkids around w/ a low key take out dinner, where everyone got to pick out what they wanted...easy and super fun! Mama B, the kids and I did Thai...yummy!

Nathan and Rachel Greenfield were here in Salem for a few days, sadly w/o their kids Noah and Mercy. The Greenfields live in the Middle East and we have become good friends w/ them through our partnership w/ their work there. They had a chance to share w/ us that they were in the process of expanding their family by adopting a little girl from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Jeff's Bestie from college, Aaron Singer wanted to visit Jeff for his bday. So the lovely Mrs. Lisa Singer arranged for the two of them to come up for a visit. Jeff's friend tank was filled up as we celebrated Aaron; the boys played guitar, stayed up all night playing video games, and took long walks on the beach w/ candle lit dinners...

Jojo and Krista did story time w/ the kiddos while they were here. Joey and Krista are going to be amazing parents! I love watching them w/ my kids!

Pedi's w/ Auntie Krista...and watching The Little Mermaid...livin' the good life!

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