Febuary 2011

This month started out w/ a visit from some of my favorite girls in all the land. The Miller girls came up to visit us from Redding, CA. Caleb and Samaria love them dearly (they believe Mattie and Ches are their cousins) but then it gets awkward when Caleb talks about not knowing which one of the girls to marry. Everything from pillow fights to the Gilbert House...we had a blast!

Samaria is beyond her years, vocabulary and relationally. Most of her little friends were 3,4 and 5 when she was 2 1/2 and she fit right in! She attended her first bday tea party for her little friend Emily/Roo. Sam had a great time and she even stuck her pinkie out when she drank her tea!

We had little snow and made the most of it, since it doesn't happen often here!

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